GYROTONIC® Method Classes in Park City, UT

Here at BOARD30 we strive to bring you the latest in fitness and wellness. It is our personal goal to share with you the best ways to move your body and boost your health. We are proud to bring to you the GYROTONIC® Method. A form of movement that aligns perfectly with our BOARD30 ideals. The GYROTONIC® Method addresses your entire person from increasing range of motion to improving strength. Its unique technique is something we are excited to begin offering to the Park City area!

What is the GYROTONIC® Method?

The GYROTONIC® Method created by Juliu Horvath in the late 1970s. As a Hungarian dancer Juliu was interested in the physiology of human bodies and their complete movement. He created an exercise that uses fluid, flowing movements to work the body. Each movement easily flows into the next using the joints and body’s natural range of motion. Classes are taught by trained instructors to ensure the proper movement and use carefully crafted sequences. The GYROTONIC® Method is aimed at improving overall tone, circulation, and movement.

What are the Benefits of the GYROTONIC® Method?

It isn’t often we find a workout that tones your body but is still gentle enough for someone with aching joints. The GYROTONIC® Method has it all! People of all levels and walks of life love the GYROTONIC® methodology. IT is great for professional athletes, seniors, fitness enthusiast, those recovering from injury, beginners, and more. It’s slow progression of multidirectional circular movements help slowly build up joint strength and mobility. The progressions move slowly and flow fluidly from one movement to the next. It uses the joints’ natural range of motion to move your body without shock or jarring. This makes it a great exercise for those with aching muscles or joints. It’s seven key spinal movements also help to stimulate the nervous system, promote balance, and build spinal strength. Its main principles are similar to those found in dance, yoga, swimming, and even martial arts. The fluid motions are accompanied by thoughtful breathing rhythms that work to build breathing endurance and stamina. Advanced programs even build up faster rhythms to work your body harder but in the same fluid way. The GYROTONIC® Method is a great way to improve your movement, flexibility, strength, and more.

GYROTONIC® Method at BOARD30 Park City

We are proud to offer GYROTONIC® Method classes in a COVID friendly private settings. At BOARD30 Park City we are excited to bring this life changing technique to the area. We hope to continue to improve the lives of our clients by bringing them new and fun ways to move! We can’t wait for you to try it out! Book your class now by emailing!