Reformer Pilates Classes & Training in Park City, UT

woman using Pilates reformer at BOARD30 Park City

The Pilates reformer is one of our favorite pieces of equipment here at BOARD30 Park City. We love the versatility and benefits it provides to both us and our clients. It may look and sound intimidating at first, but reformer Pilates offers a huge variety of options from beginner up to advanced trainers. Reformers are great machines that can be adjusted to accommodate all body types and all skill levels. At BOARD30 we love the challenge they pose for all of us and the results they bring.

What is a Pilates Reformer?

A reformer is made of a bed-like frame on a flat platform, called the carriage, that rolls back and forth. Attached to one end of the carriage are springs helping it move along the reformer. The carriage often has shoulder blocks mounted on to keep the user from sliding off. On the spring end there is also a long footbar for either the hands or feet to use when performing workouts. There are also two long straps with handles attached that can for either the hands or feet. Most of these components are adjustable to fit the user’s height and skill set.

Most exercises done a reformer promote length, flexibility, strength, and balance. There is a large number of exercises that can be performed using a reformer. Most will involve the pushing or pulling of the carriage or holding the carriage steady using the footbar or straps. A variety of positions can be taken from lying on the carriage to perching on the footbar. Moves will vary depending on the user’s level of skill and comfort level.

The Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a great choice for everyone from beginner to experienced Pilate’s enthusiasts. It offers all the regular benefits of Pilates like strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, and more! The reformer uses a unique variation of core muscles that differs slightly from regular Pilates. It builds and promotes key core muscles. Tightening or limiting the tension of the rolling carriage can make moves more difficult promoting core strength and balance. These moves will help to increase posture and balance, flatten abs, strengthen backs, and tighten buttocks. Pushing and pulling against the springs, carriage, and your body weight can also provide a special kind of benefit. Eccentric muscle contraction can happen during these exercises which occurs when your muscles lengthen as they resist force. This is a great way to strengthen muscles. Reformers are also a great exercise to grow with. They offer a large variety of possibility and moves ranging from beginner to advanced. We love them because they are not a piece of equipment you tire from easily!

Reformer Pilates at BOARD30 Park City

Reformer Pilates is a great way to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility! No matter your skill set reformer Pilates can help you build your core and increase your balance. At BOARD30 we are happy to bring reformer Pilates to the Park City area and are now offering COVID friendly reformer Pilates classes. To book a class email Michele at!