Metabolic Effects of HIIT Training

woman using the BOARD30 system to do a HIIT workout at BOARD30 Park City

HIIT style workouts have risen in popularity quickly. At BOARD30 we know there are plenty of reasons more and more people are turning to HIIT routines. That’s why we have made them an integral part of our program. The positive effects of HIIT training are far-reaching, including the metabolic effects.  Metabolic Effect of HIIT Training…

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Covid-19 Policy and Procedures

We want everyone to feel comfortable as we cautiously enter into 2021, in compliance with State guidelines:  • All members must wear a mask upon entering the studio, gloves are optional.  • Class sizes will be limited to 9 per class and participants will be spaced at least 6 ft apart.  • Social distancing is…

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What is a HITT Workout?

You’ve probably heard the term HIIT all over the place lately, but what exactly is it and why is it so popular? HIIT is a style of exercise it stands for high-intensity interval training. A technique where you give it your all for an intense burst of quick exercise, in a short period of time.…

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